Bible in ___ Days


The challenge to read the Bible is open to everyone, in the church or out, even at other churches. The original program was done in a 90 day period at 12 pages per day (according to the version we used). It may be more reasonable, however, to devise a more personal plan that works for you and the others who may read with you.

To support everyone we will provide the following components: 1) a reading checklist (last two links below) and 2) a daily blog at this home page.

You can participate simply by doing the reading by yourself following the daily checklist. However, to maximize your likelihood of being completely successful here are some recommendations:

1. Establish some accountability by doing this with others: with a group already established or by establishing a group. If nobody else is counting on you to keep up with them then you are more apt to let a day slip here or there.

2. All Bibles are not created equal. I would suggest an NRSV (New Revised Standard Version) that is slim and has few notes. In my own translating I have found the popular NIV (New International Version) to be less faithful to the original languages. The slim version because you do not want to leave your Bible elsewhere because it is too heavy. Digital NRSV is fine if you have an electronic reading device.

3. Read when and where works for you. It may take you more than one sitting if you are reading 10 or 12 pages per day.

4. If, for any reason, you fall behind in your reading, do not skip ahead. Continue reading and schedule a block of time to catch up. Sunday afternoons can be ideal to catch up. The objective is to read every single word without having skipped anything. It would be better for it to take an extra few days or weeks to finish than if you skipped some of the reading.

5. Schedule in a couple “grace days.” You may get sick. A colleague may need you to cover a shift in an emergency. You may need to sit with a spouse or child and just listen.

Get geared up and alert your family members of your objectives. Are you ready to grow? Are you ready to work? Are you ready to get closer to God? Are you ready to know and be known more? If this sounds challenging then also remember how much fun it is going to be.

Read the Bible in __ days. You fill in the blank. (I suggest 120.) That’s it.

However you read, could you do anything more powerful for your life?

Think and pray about this. Invite your partner, children, siblings, coworkers, strangers, other church members, etc to think about it too. If you decide “Yes, I am in,” then set a start date. The blog resources are always available. You can make comments and ask questions for myself and/or other readers.

Envision your success and do not let anything allow you to relinquish this commitment.

Pastor Jay

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